Story Behind The Song

I wrote the first verse in a time of peace. I wrote the second verse in a time of war. I really wanted a wailing chorus. I think my buddy did a good job,

Song Description

I have an extended WFamilia that is not determined by Race. It is determined by the Birthright of Faith

Song Length 4:17 Genre Rap - Religious, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Peaceful Subject Healing, Hope
Similar Artists 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. Language English
Era 2000 and later


I float like a Butterfly, sting like a G
You never met a Hustler and Poet like me

I let my tongue spill
pouring over tracks
like I'm coating em with wax
I take my Lyrics to the Music
and Bridge the gaps
Now while most fools are taking naps
I'm spitting rails
buying roads
and laying tracks
I learned how to peep Game
and only speak Facts
How to keep my enemies close
And Lay traps
watch the Mexican attack
while his enemies relax
It's that Darker shade of Brown
but not quite Black
It's that deeper kind of Down
that don't turn back
Plus I flow like the 4 Winds
then pull em back
I stay tight like some Old Friends
and Cadillacs
now I'm taking Cali back
Run and tell your momma fool
whatchu think a that
Plus my people all
Asian, white, Mexican and Black
I'm protected from that side to side
front and back
I thank my Heavenly FATHER
they got love for me like that
so what the enemy has taken from my FATHER
I'm comin to take it back

I float like a Butterfly, sting like a G
You never met a Hustler and a Poet like me
FATHER never let me go
YOU'RE all I ever had

It's that Lonely Desperado Mexicano
They call me SO_LOW
I went from a Hustler wearing Rustler
to a Hustler wearing Polo
They still thing that I'm an Esse
or a Cholo slanging 'no,no'
on the Telephono
Can you believe that I've been waiting
for this moment all my life
now I find myself up in the thickest of the fight
Tell my enemies, I stay Tight when I'm living Right
Heavenly FATHER got a feeling its goind down tonight
GOD's my Witness, I can't Lose, I can't Draw
I'ma win this Fight,
My Lyrics and the Music
is like Lighters and some fuses
and I'm ONE Big Brown Stick of Dynomite
I practice in the shadows
when the Moon is fulland full of Light
You wouldn't understand that kind of Power
and the Might
Heavenly FATHER never let my Momma
See me Cry
Cover up her eyes
I know that she can see me form the Other Side
and if she asks YOU why
Tell her that I'm doing
what they call a Do or Die
but I'll do it and Survive
Because she knows that it won't be
the first time that I fought to stay alive.

I float like a Butterfly and Sting like a G
You never met a Hustler and a Poer like me
FATHER, never let me go
YOU'RE all I ever had


Lyrics SO_LOW_13 Music SO_LOW_13
Producer SO_LOW_13,M.Hokit,A.Garrett,J.Miller Publisher SO_LOW_13

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