Story Behind The Song

Driving through LA, South on the 405, listening to the beat. I asked myself what it is I want the World to know about me as LORD.A.WAR. It is the Power of the Tongue that exercises Authority. My Authority comes from THE MOST HIGH, my FATHER gave me my name... this song just lets the world know.

Song Description

This song is the most personal concerning SO_LOW's Spiritual Gifts. This song is a warning to all those who represent for darkness. SO_LOW_ is a literal Warrior in the flesh, who wars through the SPIRIT. This song reflects how he wars and represents. He is Lord of War

Song Length 4:04 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Aggressive, Aggressive Subject Ghosts, Justice
Similar Artists 2Pac, Ice Cube Language English
Era 2000 and later


You don't know my kinda heat
Words obey me when I speak
The Mexican is coming
and he's cleaning up the Streets
Meditating over Beats,
Chew em up, regurgitate em,
Spit em at the Streets X2

I'm a Warrior for the Light
My favorite time to fight is in the night
I never use a shield, two swords and a knife
Turned the tables, now the shadows fighting for thier lives
I charge em ten percent, cuz that's a tithe
Keep the tables turning right
When I start to shine, it means I'm looking for a fight
Don't forget I'm dyno-mite and outta sight
You won't have a choice but see the Light
Keep them Seven Candles burning bright
I prayed to GOD and prayed to GOD
and finally got it right.
I've been proven in these streets
Words obey me when I speak
When I'm talking in my sleep
I leave burn holes in my sheets
so I take it nice and easy
and keep myself discreet
so don't enrage the Flame
So_Low_Trece's Lord of War
Like the Elf in Lord of the Rings
Keep on racking up the score
I seen the Promised Land
and I'm breaking down the door
Captain of the Warship
and I 'm coming in for shore...

You don't know my kinda heat
Words obey me when I speak
THe Mexican is coming
and he's cleaning up the streets
meditating over Beats
chew em up, regurgitate em
Spit em at the streets X2

My name is SO_LOW_TRECE,
Warrior 4 YAH
HE shoots me through the darkness
where I spit the LIO_N_SRAW
when the Lightning hits the shadows
I can see them when they fall
I keep my Light connected so HE hears me when I call
There's no fear of death,
I was made for many battles
when my Word and Breathe collide
I spit Lightning at the shadows
I wars on other levels
there's no nead for semi-autos
he who WARS_N_OIL raids the Valley of the shadow
Ran into Elisha, handed me Elijah's mantle
I'm hurting all my enemies
likemy Grandpa herded cattle
A rattlesnake will strike
when you hear it start to rattle
Like the Desperado when he's coming out the saddle
I took it to my enemies, then took it to the streets
I keep a constant Chamber ready
so listen for the Beat,
I was shapen in the heat
My temperature stays steady
when the LIghtning hits my feet!!!

You don't know my kinda heat
Words obey me when I speak
The MExican is coming
and he's cleaning up the Streets
Meditating over beats,
Chew em up, regurgitate em
Spit em at the Streets

Lyrics SO_LOW_13 Music SO_LOW_13
Producer SO_LOW_13, A,Garrett, J.Miller Publisher SO_LOW_13

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