You and Me

Song Length 3:38 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Sociable Subject Love at First Sight, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists D'Angelo, Outkast Language English
Era 2000 and later


Sitting in the park on a summer's day
Chilling by the old oak tree
Got my ink pen and my note pad
Writing bout the things I see
I see an old man sitting on a bench
Then I see a car go by
Two little kids play on the swings
And that's when you caught my eye

Walking through the grass
With no shoes on
Hair on your head blowing in the wind
Summer dress on
Moving with the breeze
With you is where I wanna be
Walking through the grass
With my shoes off
Kufi on my head
I can feel the wind
Walking hand-in-hand
With my queen-to-be
The earth was made for you and me

Hey pretty lady
Won't you have a seat?
How you doing?
I'm Sean Rasul
I saw you walking by looking so free
I see you've got a notebook too
I was just sitting here
Writing down my thoughts
And that's when you caught me eye
I wasn't gonna speak
But life is short
I figured you were worth a try
I wanna know a lot more bout you baby
If you ever have a little spare time
We can hit the club
For some spoken word
I'd love to hear some of your rhymes
I'm not gonna be like other dudes
And algebraically ask for your math
But I'll be here tomorrow afternoon
And I hope to see you walking that path




I feel where the artist is trying to go!

Interesting song. Laid back cool.

Lyrics Sean Rasul Music Madukwu Chinwah
Producer Madukwu Chinwah Publisher Shanton L. Russell & Pat's Boy Music - BMI
Performance Sean Rasul Label Live Root Records
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