How I Feel

Song Description

"How I Feel" touches on the condition within the inner cities, the war, and our divided nation.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Language English


Young world hey
Gotta be strong
Being strong
Means we gotta know
What's going on
I hear about dead homies
From the telephone
Leaving babies
And their mamas
Here to struggle on
News flash
Report the sadness
Troops die
To combat the madness
And just
Imagine the heartache
Breathing the last breath
That you take
So take a look at your
And the division in our
Young nation
Black man in a White House
Crazy how the people
Act like they forgot about
8 years of aggression
We had a depression
Before a recession
Will we ever see the lesson
Or blink in the face of a blessing

We got soliders dying
And families crying
You just don't know how I feel
Children starving on these corners
I'm broken-hearted
You just don't know how I feel

He knows the enemy
But he won't chase 'em
Got his boots on
But he don't lace 'em
Ain't trippin
Cuz he's got Tim's
On the front lines in the hood
Risking life and limb
Sees a future
But it's getting dim
Got a chance
But it's getting slim
See he's gotta stay strapped
And if he don't get out now
He stays trapped
So many before him
Decides to ignore him
Should he stay
Should he go
Time moves fast
In jail it goes slow
Signs up and he ships out
In the Army now
Made his mama
And his daddy proud
Now he's home from Iraq
Made it to the Chi
And got popped in the back


Broken hearts in the hood
Every single day
My people have to work so hard
We're in the human race
Tryna run
But we never got the big head start
Now here we are
On your mark
Ready, set, go!
Reaching for the sky
But we never leave the floor
And for
Every dollar spent on nonsense
We could afford
To send some kids to college
What we could do
With that knowledge
A way
To make ourselves a little polished
What can be done for the hood folk?
Talk about a deficit
But my peoples been broke
So never judge what I give
Or do what I did
Until you live where I lived
Until you wanna keep it real
You'll never ever know
How I feel


Incredible song you've made here!

Lyrics Sean Rasul Music Yung Chill
Producer Yung Chill Publisher Righteous Mack Publishing
Performance Sean Rasul Label Live Root Records
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