Blocks We Hustle

Song Length 3:51 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Subject Poverty, Existence Similar Artists Kendrick Lamar, Outkast


Welcome to the block
Follow if you dare
We risk gettin shot
But we don't care
3 out of 4 niggaz
With a gun
Each and every one
See homie over there
With the new kicks on
And shorty over here's
Tryna get him some
Hard getting by
Living in the slums
So we just work
'til a million comes
The hood it's foul
Like a million bums
We still shine
Like a million suns
Tryna make bread
Like a million buns
Cuz it feels so good
Like a million cums
With a shitty deck of cards
Fifty applications
Still can't get a job
Ten in the pen
If we steal and we rob
And you wonder how
We got cold hearts
Check it
This ain't no game to us
The dollar bill reads
In God We Trust
Life round here
It's dangerous
Cuz nobody puts their
Trust in us
Feel me?

Welcome to the blocks we hustle
Welcome to the heartless jungle
Welcome to the blocks we roll
My hood, my heart, my home


Soul food
Liquor store
Car wash
Barber shop
Little kids on the playground
They could use a role model
But noone's around
Except the dude in the Caddie
With the big sounds
And the fly kicks
And the diamond rings
Rolex Watch
Living hoods dreams
Taking big risks
For a little green
Gotta get mine
That's a hood theme
Tell a boy he can be what he wanna
But living on the Ave
Shorty might be a goner
So instead of selling crack
Standing on the corner
Homie's spitting rhymes
From New York to California
And you hear about him
You see him all the time
And you criticize
Each every rhyme
Making street songs
And street videos
Welcome to the block
The only world he knows
The people show him love
Cuz he's the only one
That's speaking of
Trouble in the hood
And the folks within
Power to the people
Cuz he's just like them


Lyrics Sean Rasul & Yung Chill Music Yung Chill
Producer Yung Chill Publisher Righteous Mack Publishing
Performance Sean Rasul Label Live Root Records
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