The Future

Song Length 5:04 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


(Yung Chill)
Lookin back on my life like wow
Seems like just yesterday
I was at Hunter's Glen Isle
What happened to them
Walkin to school days?
Fresh peanut butter jelly sandwich
Red kool ade
I remember back
When rap was non-violent
It wasn't about gettin a aggin
Strappin and the big diamonds cuz
Back in '94 or 5
It wasn't 'bout the series
Or the car I drive cuz
Back, back, then, then
If you had a new Benz
You was the H-Town version of Screw
And I remember jammin
My first version of Screw
It was sippin codeine
When Big Moe was a fool
June 27th was the Southside Classic
And ever since then
I've been a gray tape addict
But since then
A whole lot done changed
But I'm here to save hip-hop
Rejuvenate the game

Tell me
Where are we going? (Uh oh)
What's the future showing?
Tell me
Where are we going? (Uh oh)
What's the future showing?

(Big Sid)
Many things going on
That makes Big Sid wonder
About life
You see I've been through
The rain and thunder
Stormy times
I had to figure out the grind
On my own
Now you see a playa on shine
And in my mind
I felt I can't be stopped
And if you know about my hustle
Then you know what I'm about
My daddy told me son
Never let go of your pride
And if the door's closed
Kick it in
So you can get inside see
Game recognize game
So I keep it real
A hundred percent
So if you know me
Then you know the deal
And Pimp C and Bun B
Taught me 'bout trill
And I feel I'm making classics
Now that I met Chill
From ramen noodles
All the way to the big meals
From small labels
All the way to the big deals
From hand-me-downs
Fresh clothes top to the heel
If you're grinding for a living
Then you know just how I feel


(Sean Rasul)
Where you going?
Little nappy-headed boy
That's what my grandmama used to say
Hanging with my crew
On the block all day
With my boom box
Rockin "Walk This Way"
Back then
Life was cutie pies & talent shows
And now
It's studios and fresh flows
What does the future hold?
Hell nobody knows
But I learn a little mo'
With every day that goes
Bye bye
I bid farewell to my childhood
"Pleased to me ya"
That's what I say to my manhood
If you could see me now
You'll think I'm doing great
But you'll never know
Until you walk in these size 8's & 1/2
With the skills comes the drama
And the bills, baby mama
Still don't know where I'm (uh)
Going grandma
But I think I've found my voice
And wherever I go
I'm with my crew Playaz Choice


Good lyrics good song your Melody

this song hard as hell ! keep it up fam

welcome back hip hop this is what i miss hearing in the game great sounding complete track with a good feel something you can cruise or vibe to

Lyrics Sean Rasul, Big Sid, Yung Chill Music Yung Chill
Producer Yung Chill Publisher Righteous Mack Publishing
Performance Sean Rasul, Big Sid, Yung Chill Label Live Root Records
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