Supermodel (feat. Madukwu Chinwah)

Song Length 4:13 Genre R & B - Funk, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Sociable Subject Stardom, Girls, Women
Similar Artists Prince, Outkast Language English
Era 2000 and later


People always looking at you
The way you walk
Is enough to drive a man insane
Girl You know I wish I had you
So crazy
Cuz I don't even know your name
Your face is like a rainbow
You're colorful and you blow my mind
You fascinate the universe
So pretty girl, it should be a crime

You look like a supermodel!
Walking down the runway
Girl you look so sexy
You look like a supermodel!
Girl you drive me crazy
What more can I say?

I'd climb the highest mountain, baby
I'd swim the widest sea
Just to take one look at you
Girl what you do to me, yeah!
Brothers proudly stand in line
When you brighten up a room
Your smile is like the sunshine
And I love that sweet perfume, ooh!


I see the way you're walking lady
So fine you drive me crazy
Can't even talk, the way you walk
Your body's so amazing
Don't want to sweat you
I just met you
Gotta keep it real
But I'm impressed by the way you dress
And your sex appeal
Look up in the sky
It's not a bird or plane
It's just you doing what you do
And words cannot explain
How fine you are superstar
And girl wherever you are
Here at home, Paris, Rome
You're always on my dome, cuz


Sound like The early "Prince" Or Bootsy Collins Band, The 70's. I like It.

Lyrics Sean Rasul & Madukwu Chinwah Music Madukwu Chinwah
Producer Madukwu Chinwah Publisher Shanton L. Russell & Pat's Boy Music - BMI
Performance Sean Rasul Label Country Cool Entertainment
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