Song Description

Uptempo hip-hop piece about having the freedom to live life to the fullest.

Song Length 2:34 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Pleasant Subject Life, Freedom
Language English


What a word?
Sounds so good
But such a word don't exist
In my neighborhood
I wanna live
Like the people do in Hollywood
But when I talk about my dreams
Ain't got 'em on
But my chains take another form
I wanna chill
Like I'm trapped in a snowstorm
On an iceberg
Cause living in the Chi
A lotta heat on the streets
For you and I
Time flies
But my feet stay on the ground
In the middle of the forest
Can you hear my sound?
On the go
Unknown destination
Trying to find liberation

I just wanna be free
Be free
Be free

I just wanna be free
Be free
Be free

He had a wife
Two kids and a good job
White house
Picket fence and a front yard
Reminiscing 'bout the days
On the boulevard
Used to rap
But he got dealt another card
So he writes rhymes
When he gets off
Less time with the wife
Now she pissed off
Trying to juggle both
Livin' in a circus
Had it all yo
But didn't have purpose
Tomorrow ain't here
Today's moving fast
So make a song about
What you learned in the past
He had to sacrifice
To be an MC
Freedom feels good
But it ain't free


It's your life
It's your world
Love it, live it
Be real, be you
Be free
Rasul to the block
But I'm Sean in the city

Very good song, sounds like something you'd hear in a movie montage!

Nice Groove. Neo-hip hop

'Free' has an attitude that makes you wanna blow your speakers out.

Lyrics Sean Rasul and Yung Chill Music Yung Chill
Producer Yung Chill Publisher Righteous Mack Publishing (BMI)
Performance Sean Rasul, Cicely Walker Label Live Root Records/WRIMG
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