Song Description

A spooky sad background.

Song Length 2:07 Genre Electronic - Ambient

Incerdible mod-setting done with this composition - very haunting with the animal howling sounds in the distant background. Very nice panning work to create a fullness of sound as well.

Nicely done....enjoyed it.....

I like the reverberated drums and wind sound.

I can hear this track as an instrumental bed in a horror movie. It's sufficiently creepy to scare the audience/listener out of their seats! I love it!

Great movie sounding music.....at least made me think of one in my mind

Haunting and lyrical.

I can hear it as a movie score something from the "Twilight Zone."
Just needs a movie or a play to get behind.

Thank you

Very eerie, almost trance like. Very interesting.

Great build up!!

Very dark but zen like feel to this track, arrangement is great and I would love to hear more from this artist.

One has the feel of spelunking in the maze of underground caves, surrounded by columns.

This would make great background music for a suspenseful scene in a movie

I love this track. It has a very mysterious, open sound. It would make an excellent track for a science fiction movie or a scene where someone is wandering through a weird landscape. I love the production.

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