The Baseline

Song Description

A song about entropy

Song Length 4:50 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


The Baseline

When Lori got a job on the graveyard shift
All the cracks in her life turned into rifts
And she never saw it coming
Never had a clue
Now she gets up about noon, she says,
"I've got to quit this job pretty soon,
I just can't

Stand another day
when the sun just goes down
And the light just drains away
Like water in the ground
When you get up at noon,
it doesn't take a scientist to know
The sun just goes down,
'cause it's got no place else to go

Bert got killed on the railroad tracks
We used to see him walking along
With a bottle in a sack
And nobody seems to know
why he turned his back
Now he's just another fact that
Slipped through the cracks
I guess he couldn't


It's the gas in the tank,
it's the checkbook balance
it's the flow in the river,
it's the snow in the winter
and the leaves in the fall,
it's anything at atll
anything at all,
anything at all. . .

This is just another song
where the baseline just goes down
You can hear them every day on the radio
In any little bar in any little town
Do they seem to touch a chord?
Does it seem to ring a bell?
When the baseline just goes down
Does it drag your baseline down as well?
Or is it


Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Producer Brett Huus, Soundstrations Records, Inc.

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