Preaching to the Choir

Song Length 4:38 Genre Folk - Contemporary


Preaching to the Choir

Well I know you have your reasons
And your argument is clear
But I just listen to your voice
You could convince me
Just by blowing in my ear
Honey I have no other choice
You could knock me over with a feather
Strike a match and I'm on fire
If you're trying to make me love you
Honey you're preaching to the choir

Maybe I'm a cynic, probably I'm a skeptic
Often I don't have faith in what they say, but
Every word you breathe, that's what I believe
I wouldn't have it any other way
And I only need a whisper
But you lift your voice up higher
And you're trying to make me love you
But you're preaching to the choir

Preach to me

There's a circle of belonging
In the circle of your face
And everything so true
I long to have you near me
'Cause I love your turn of phrase, but
I never know what you might do
You're so soft in your persuasion
And I'm howling at the moon
You're preaching to the choir
And I'm singing back to you

Copyright 2009 Roger Nelson

Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Performance Roger Nelson

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