Ruben & Chelsea

Story Behind The Song

My dad used to sing the chorus of this song, which is actually a spoof, I guess, of the actual folk song. He'd only sing the chorus - over and over. I figured there ought to be some verses, so these arrived somehow. The characters Ruben & Chelsea feature

Song Description

A new version of an old song.

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits


Ruben & Chelsea

Chelsea took the midnight subway
To the midnight side of town
Went to see her lover Ruben
She knew he?d been feeling down

Ruben Ruben I?ve been thinking
What in the heck have you been drinking
Looks like whiskey, tastes like wine
Oh my gosh it?s turpentine

Chelsea found where he?d been living
An old abandoned Dairy Queen
She went inside and saw him sitting
He said girl where have you been?


Chelsea said I?ve been out dancing
In the puddles of the moon
All I need is your enhancing
It?d be good if you?d dance too


And he said
Sometimes when I need revealing
I take a little sip of gin
Sometimes when there is no dealing
Pull the cork and dive right in
Pull the cork and dive right in


How you do and what you?re feeling
Who you are and where you?ve been
What you want there?s no denying
If your honest there?s no sin


Ruben & Chelsea they went dancing
In the puddles of the moon
Ruben?s steps weren?t quite so fancy
Chelsea slept ?til nearly noon


Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Performance Roger Nelson, Susan Waughtal

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