The Goodnight Train

Story Behind The Song

In the little town where I used to live, there was a train that went by every night around 9:30, and we used this as the signal for getting the kids to bed: "There goes the Goodnight Train, it's time to go to bed!" The song is loosely based on the class

Song Description

A lullaby for grown ups.

Song Length 4:52 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


The Goodnight Train

Supper's done, the kitchen's clean
As they go to bed the kids complain
But the dogs are fed, the bills are paid
Except the ones that remain
As we sit here in the darkening
In the even-ing
And hear the rumble
of the Goodnight Train,
We say

Goodnight moon, goodnight rain
Goodnight barges on the river,
Goodnight train
Goodnight love's slow refrain
And we donate to tomorrow the remains
Goodnight bills, goodnight cars
Goodnight appointments and repairs and
Goodnight scars
Goodnight moon, goodnight rain
Goodnight barges on the river
Goodnight train

I have a friend, he owns a farm
He works a hundred hours a day
The computer's down, so you fix the truck
And get in a hundred bales of hay
The worst thing about a harvest
is another bunch of seeds
They germinate the need
To start the damn thing over in the spring


Half past nine, the train goes by
And shakes the glasses on the shelves
And the porch swing rocks,
the floorboards creak
But you can't quite hear what the noises tell
It just feels like you could
ride that train to bed
If you could only clear your head
In silent resolution, but instead, it's

Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Producer Brett Huss, Soundstrations Records, Inc.

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