Scott Free

Story Behind The Song

I have a friend named Scott who teaches at a university, and consequently has his summers off (or so I believe). I am envious of this, and so one summer when he came grooving up slowly after having explored and travelled and fished all over creation, I ha

Song Length 5:50 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Scott Free

I wear my summer like a winter coat,
I look down at my white belly
and I zip up to my throat
and I wonder what I'd look like
if I took my summer off?
Well I might not look like me no more,
but I might look like Scott.

I wear my necktie
like a stake through my heart,
I don't fly on my wingtips,
no I have to drive a car,
and I wonder would I lose my head,
if I took my necktie off?
Well I might not look like me no more,
but I might look like Scott.

So beam me up, Scottie!
Take me to that open sky
Well I cannot go right now
but I'll pencil you in for July
Beam me up, Scottie,
Sometimes we live vicariously,
but I think we all just ought to take the summer off and be Scott Free

I wear my wristwatch
like an intravenous tube,
well I check to see how old I've got
every time I make a move,
and I wonder would the time stop,
if I slit my wristwatch off?
Well I might be the late Roger Nelson,
but I might not be as late as Scott.

I push my briefcase up the hill like a rock,
It drags me down again
before I reach the top
and I wonder what it'd feel like
just to throw my briefcase off?
Well it might not be good business,
but it might make me feel like Scott.


I don't go fishing, I can't cut through the ice,
I don't buy my trout stamp
'til the fourth of July
and I wonder what I'd look like
with a fish hook in my ear?
If I do not look like me
does my personality disappear?

And here come ol' flat-top
he come groovin' up slowly
he got juju eyeballs, he shoot Coca-Cola
he say, "One and one and one is three,"
Got to be good looking
and you've got to be Scott Free.

Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Producer Brett Huus, Soundstrations Records, Inc. Performance Brett Huus on harmonica

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