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Musings about reunions

Song Length 4:50 Genre Folk - Contemporary



Hop on a bus, pack up the car
Book a plane or a train
It doesn?t matter where you are
Reunion, reunion, reunion

Twenty years, two hundred miles, two careers
Separate you from your childhood
Reunion, reunion, reunion

Not so long ago,
but it seems like another lifetime
Another country, another language,
another game
We?ve been pulled apart,
drawn away and scattered
Following the songs that called our name

You cannot step into the same stream twice,
You can?t go home again, but wouldn?t it be nice?
Reunion, reunion, reunion
Things get clearer with the benefit of time
You might have aged
but that does nice things to wine
Reunion, reunion, reunion

See these old faces
and it?s like looking in the mirror
Except you can?t remember the names!
We were so distinct then
Now the differences have faded
It?s amazing how with time we look the same.

Don?t publish a book, don?t lose twenty pounds
You?ve got lots of time left
to do something profound.
There was a beginning once
and there will be an end
This is just the middle part,
let?s look up some old friends,
Reunion, reunion, reunion
Reunion, reunion, reunion

The plans you?ve lost,
And the hopes that you?ve forgotten
Are buried like a capsule in the ground.
Will you dig them up
or will you leave them where you left them?
Hey, you might be surprised at what you found.

Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Producer Brett Huss - Soundstrations Records, Inc.

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