Erickson, Hellickson, Vye

Story Behind The Song

There really was a place called the Erickson, Hellickson, Vye - a lumber yard in northern Minnesota where I grew up. I remember going there with my dad and brothers to get guy things - building materials, hardware, tools. My wife has always wanted a band

Song Description

One of those songs about lumber yards.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Erickson, Hellickson, Vye

I'm gonna pull on my sweatshirt
I'm gonna jump in my jeans
I'm gonna shovel the sidewalk
I'm gonna warm up the car
I'm crossing over the railroad tracks
to a place that they built in a railroad track
I'm gonna buy you a Christmas present
a ttheErickson, Hellickson, Vye

I'm gonna buy you a hammer
I think they'll throw in some nails
They've got rows and rows of gizmos
in buckets and pails.
Well the ceilings are tall
and the walls are thin
and you can see the dust float
when the sun comes in
and the coffee is burnt
but you mix it with sugar
and the floorboards are worn like stones.
I know I must seem lazy,
but all these mundane things
shine like dreams
and if I had the money I'd go crazy
'cause I scheme of buying you a bandsaw,
and a jackknife, and some 2x4s,
and a screen door,and a ballpene hammer, and a socket wrench, and a chalk line,
and a great big tool chest ,
and a ten horse motor, and all the rest,
all the rest, all the rest, all the rest...

I think Erickson handles the lumber
and Hellickson juggles the books.
Vye is the silent partner.
You can tell by his looks.
And they pile up the snow in the parking lot
'til it's almost as tall as the loading dock,
and just look at the wonderful
things I got you
at the Erickson, Hellickson, Vye
Erickson, Hellickson, Vye
Erickson, Hellickson, Vye

Lyrics Roger Nelson Music Roger Nelson
Producer Brett Huus, Soundstrations Records, Inc.

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