Reflections of the mind

Story Behind The Song

Piano Instrumental from the heart one night

Song Length 4:15 Genre New Age - General, New Age - Alternative

I believe for what my word is worth...this composition could be used in a film, a very reflective, somewhat pensive scene! Very original song, really enjoyed the feel!! I think a music producer for a movie could really get on bard with this tune!! Love to hear more music from this composer, terrific job!!

this is cool piano arrangenment

It's a lovely tune....shades of Erik Satie here. I love the ethereal ambience of the piece...It's very atmospheric, it rally evokes a mood. The sound quality is very good.

nice recording

My first impression of this song, is that it would be good background music to a scene in a movie, where it was either really tense, contemplative, or really sad. It's not always easy to use the same root movement over and over again, but this song made decent use of it while experimenting with various melodies over it. I would have liked to hear a little more exploration in the rhythm, diving into at least a second part that was different from the monotonous back and forth modulation. Overall, it does create a mood of either contemplation, tension, or sadness.

This song has a steady background sequence that is peaceful and predictable. The treble hand work adds interest with poignancy. This piece flows right along and reminds me of a pulse monitor on a hospital machine. Maybe this would be good background music for a hospital room scene.

It's a nice piece for piano, with an insistent rhythmic and harmonic pattern played with the left hand, the atmosphere is very melancholy, although it's not a slow number. It's restless.

This song is so unbelievably versatile, it's ridiculous! It would make an awesome soundtrack for everything from movies to commercials, to even a simple and moving stand-alone piece. The instrumental work and the production quality is spot on. You clearly have a knack for this! Well done! Just keep on doing what you're doing. :)

ok I kind of see where you are going

I like the introduction and how the piano sounds, somewhat detached feeling and somewhat bewildering.

Music Robert Wesley Producer Robert Wesley
Performance Robert Wesley Label Robert Wesley
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