Story Behind The Song

song just hit me walked to the piano and laid it down in less than ten minutes

Song Length 5:22 Genre New Age - General, Classical - Classical
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Era 2000 and later

I understand that it is a piano improvisation. It is simple and delicate. Weighting all the sounds throughly, waiting for the next sound.

Nice slow piano piece. Good for meditation or a soft tv or movie situatuation.

Nothing too engaging happen till 1.44 - - There are some intriguing pieces through out the song - but unfortunately it lack some cohesiveness - never seemed to establish a theme - Perhaps some strings in the back ground would have also helped support the effort.

Would be very appropriate as part of a movie soundtrack. Playing behind a sad mood scene of some sort. Good luck to you.

Beautiful music I must say. I really enjoyed this thank you :)

I like the simplicity of the piece and the odd dischords in there. Sometimes less is more - you get that.

The composition sounds quite wonderful and calming! Could be in a film score for a Movie. I'm not classically trained, so this is a tad difficult for me to judge.........but it all sounds technically well played and composed. I do find the tune engaging and well developed, nice piece of music, would like to hear more!!!

Some nice piano playing

Here's a peaceful piano piece that is somewhat conversational. The musical notes seem to tell a story much like a person tells a story. With starts and stops and different stages (movements). It's a very interesting piece, unique in its own right. Well played with a little planned dissonance. Definitely pensive and somewhat cerebral.

i loved this original instrumental!!
I loved the melodies, rhythms, emotion and the little pauses you made!

This is a beautifully played instrumental which would not be out of place as part of a film score. It's just gorgeous.

This song has a great atmosphere. At first I thought some violins would be nice, but they would probably disturb that great mood. Well done.

Very nice piece. Always seems to pick up at just the right time. When it goes into some of these minor chords, it's almost bone-chilling. A piece like this should work very well in a movie or even a commercial. I would definitely try to shop it around.

I like this a piano piece. It's minimalist which works well. Nice change at 1.40. Very atmospheric. I can imagine this in film and TV.
Shades of Erik Satie in this with its melancholic vibe.

Interesting garden lullaby, very reflective and soothing---meditative and subtle.

Liked the mood, sensibility , piano sound

Somber mood, great for film placement. Thought provoking.

I like the way the piano starts and builds.

An interesting composition that has a definite somber quality to it from the notes played down to the dryness of the recording. Gives this track an eerie feel in my opinion. I am pretty sure I could here this in a tragic scene or a very serious documentary. Unique but not weird. It;s a song that projects a certain feel very well. Good job!!

Music robert wesley Producer robert wesley
Publisher robert wesley Performance robert wesley
Label robert wesley
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