Traditional Wreckage

Song Length 2:40 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Cheerful, Content Subject Unrequited Love, General
Similar Artists Foo Fighters, Green Day Language English
Era 2000 and later


Traditional Wreckage- baggage to lose
Too many nightmare, thoughts are going insane
Tied up in customs - try to except
Memories that we can't forget

One time - clearly for the insane
New life - to be born again
Daylight - singing for the right
Out of the shadows to be seen again

Traditional message

Breaking all the rules - call out all the fools
To ignite a fire it just takes a spark
She's got my back when I'm under attack
I told her that right from the start - we need

Great riff, great guitar work, a really tight outfit with a well crafted tune. This crosses from rock to pop with the harmonies and the vocals, singer has a good range and powerful in the mid. this is catchy both lyrically and melodically would be something Jeff Lynne would would write - would imagine a very powerful song live

I love the construction of this song, especially the early bridge.
Really good kick-ass rock n roll.

Great dynamism in this song. I love the guitar work. Tight instrumentation all round. Excellent vocals. Lovely bright sound. Superb melody and use of light and shade. The changes at 0.25, 1.07 and 1.57 are sublime as is the guitar solo. Beautifully recorded and mastered.

I really like the way this song jumps right out of the gate, sounds a little like Thin Lizzy. Very cool leads and vocals.

This is an excellent power pop song! It reminds me of a "Jimmy eat world" type of track with an instant hook that catches the listener and reels them in quickly!!! The vocal harmonies are superb and give a real polish to the overall track! (One of the better tracks that I've heard on Broadjam for sure!!!)

nice guitar work interesting arrangement overall nice

Oh Lord, Please save us from this Wonderful Demonic Music!! My wife just fainted during this raucous chorus.....I believe she will never fully recover!! The beat on this song is infectus, reminds me of Green Day, in your Face stuff, LOVE IT!!!!! Great job people, wish I could write a tune with so much angst, it's so fresh sounding!!!
Gird your Loins.........and Rock on!!!

This reminded me of the 90s era of music where fun melodies and uncomplicated riffs made so much music consumable. Biggest positive for me was actually the buttoned ending. Coming from someone that struggles on how to end songs, this ended perfectly. I really enjoyed the overall melodic structure and upbeat vibe as well. Great job!

Nice job on this beauty! Great recording and mixing!

you guys nailed this baby! Everything is right! Beautiful harmonies---great guitar playing !Congratulations on this!

Upbeat, fun-to-listen-to rock song is real ear candy. The vocals soar, confidently sung, with some great harmonies in there. Favorite rhymes: attack/back, accept/forget. This band has a lot going for it with a really tight performance, and killer lead guitar. The intro is really fun, too. Nice production, guys!

Good rock music, love it.

Great stuff, loved the energy! Very cool guitar work and vocal effects. Great background vocals too.

This song reminds me of Green Day.

I can hear a bit of a Bon Jovi thing going on in this track. Especially in the vocals. The guitar playing was good and the accompaniment also held fairly tight

This song hits you right from the start, with a nice drop in the verse and build up in the chorus with nice harmonies. Whether this is an individual artist recording just himself or a full band the blend works very well. I am a great fan of dynamics in a songs, as I have said in most of my reviews, and this makes very good use of them.

Very well done 80's rocker with melody and drive and some unexpected turns and a quick finish. The Producers sound and fury. Really enjoyed this...a couple of times..not sure on the title.

Love it.Different prechorus. Not sure if I like it there or better after the solo. good vocal. good production. Great guitar solo as well. Excellent tempo. Maybe a cleaner mix with the vocal. I lost some of the lyric in the verse. I wasn't really sure of the chorus either lyrically until the second time around. Great job though

Lyrics Rick Dean Smith Music Rick Dean Smith
Producer Rick Dean Smith, James Cravero Publisher Rick Dean Smith
Performance Rick Dean Smith, Quentin Cooper -drums
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