Story Behind The Song

This song encourages the listener to dig deep, stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize.

Song Description

Inspirational three minute pop song that crescendos into a powerful catchy chorus.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Subject Power, Determination
Similar Artists Metallica, Foo Fighters Language English
Era 2000 and later


Do nothing say something makes no sense to me
Words fail when actions are easy to see
Never mind if your telling lies or living with regrets
A life without meaning is a fate worse than death

Climb -over the tallest wall
Give- nothing to take for granted
All for one is who we are
Life- forever living a lighted way

A mind bent on attitude is wasting away
Missing out by not seeing the opportunities
Selflessness and charity will strengthen your soul
Hold on and stay strong there's no letting go

Climb -over the tallest wall
Give- nothing to take for granted
All for one is who we are
Life- forever living a lighted way

I like the chord progression. It's heavy metal pop, if something as such exists. With lots of guitar solos and showing off licks and riffs . Easily assimilable refrain, professional playing and recording. Unexpected folkish ending.

Good solid rock n roll from start to finish, and what is any better than that? Musicianship and arrangement are of top-notch quality, and the theme is very uplifting. Your sound is similar in many ways to a lot of bands, but at the same time, you still have a sound that's all your own. Great song!

Very nice sound(especially the guitars)!
Great meaningfullyrics and hook!
Powerful song!

Great intro. Great musicianship all round and importantly a really compelling vocal. The whole piece is very melodic within the hard rock genre. The chorus is excellent and very catchy. The arrangement is first class.... I like the way the instrumental arrangement is constantly changing. The track is not too long either; not a wasted second. The introduction of almost acoustic elements in the outro is very clever.

I don't think I have ever heard a motivational rock song on BJ, but now I have and I really like this band and this song. I listened to it twice because I wanted to grasp the full meaning of what this writer is trying to communicate...and it's good stuff. Climb over the tallest wall (great internal rhyme there!) There are some really cool lyrics in this song: A life without meaning is a fate worse than death...very strong! "hold on/stay strong", the emphasis on ACTION and charity...terrific content here. Now for the instrumentation. I ain't no rocker, but I can recognize a great band when I hear one. The guitars are totally amazing, love some of those riffs and the "phone beep gone crazy" section was phenomenal. Excellent job, guys!

I like the vocals and the rhythm guitar, very cool drums - I also like some of the lead guitar parts.

Dig the vibe. Nice blend of of modern sound with a hint of classic rock. Really dig the lead riff in the turn around before the verse. Nice arrangement. Nice orchestral tie in at the end. Keep up the good work!

Great vocal sound and performance. I wonder if you like Gary Numan? Some of his recent stuff is reminiscent of this with the addition of heavy synths. Check out his track called Ruin and another called Haunted - awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it - your sound could be truly awesome if you got in a synth player!!!

The Vocal sounds a little like Gram Nash. Killer Guitar playing thru-out. Also has a Yes sound in the music. Boy, you can get any better than this combination......Just an all around excellent combination, GREAT JOB!! The tune comes at you like machine gun fire, non-stop, takes your breath away! Fine song Sir, look forward to hearing more of your tunes!!!

That's what I'm talking about right there. Very cool song. The musicianship was great. The guitar playing on point as was the production and overall sound of the recording. Good work man, keep it up and keep them coming!!

The guitar work is very good and this song is a good vehicle for it. The arrangement works well, the recording quality is very nice, and the performances all around are well done.

I love the guitar work and the vocals are great. Very nice I like it!!

That was very cool! Love the guitar work and the dynamics in the arrangement. Lots of great sounds and the second was a nice surprise. Not over produced, well done mix. Vocalist has a unique and recognizable vibe, really cool! Could easily hear this on the radio.

Good length, well executed, catchy chorus
Well done

killer tone on that bass! active song and well recorded kudos to the engineer guitar player is not too shabby either

This song would be great on a contemporary soundtrack with very Muse-esque guitar and strong vocals. This artist or artists are very good musicians and I would imagine would be a great live band with the sound of pure adrenaline, and a great use of dynamics. There are very strong and diverse musical themes within the song and it has a very good progressive edge, I would like to know more.

Very interesting lyrics and lyrical flow. Nice combination of metal and acoustic and electronic instruments...vocalist is very natural and expressive. Kind of an 80's feel....or maybe even 70's ..Smoke On The Water comes to mind...overall pretty cool...drums nicely done.

The vocals are great. The instrumentation is really good. I like the guitar tones. The drums are really good. The arrangement is really good. The recording is nice and full. The vocals stand out real nice and sit well in the mix. The guitar leads are good and clear and well done!!! Keep making great music!!! Nice job!!!

Lyrics Rick Dean Smith Music Rick Dean Smith
Producer Rick Dean Smith, James Cravero Publisher Rick Dean Smith
Performance Rick Dean Smith, Quentin Cooper -drums
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