Glass Ceiling

Story Behind The Song

This song is about the concept of a glass ceiling. You can see an opening but for the moment your path is being blocked.

Song Description

This song was used by FOX29 and aired in a montage of live performance clips of the band with clips of the Philadelphia Eagles beating the Dallas Cowboys.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood In High Spirits, Ecstatic
Subject Determination, Healing Similar Artists Guns 'N Roses, Foo Fighters
Language English Era 2000 and later


Set my sights on a wave and I'm seeing red, it's not breaking right and I lost all my sense of convition.

I won't tell you what to do but it is my way. Win or you lose I'm not waiting for an invitation.

Catch up catch your breath, we ain't done yet. We aint no second best, we take hold of the situation.

*Don't you get it, can't you see. I make no apologoes for being me.

This track jumps right out and grabs you! It's familiar enough to keep me listening, and new enough to make me want more. The familiarity is the nod to late 80's even 90's rock. The guitar work in this track is brutal! Brutal in the sense it comes in and just kicks your ass! The production is very good. All level seem spot on! Guys...I got a big shovel and I dig your stuff!!!

what a great original song!
great rhythm and guitar playing !!
well done!!

This sound like it should be in a film

Great Song, very well arranged and the mix sounds good. The Guitar work is excellent and love the break and solo. Vocals sound great and think this would be a great in a the right movie soundtrack.

Great guitar work, good vocals. So much energy!

Overall cool song. I liked the percussive intro and I especially liked the riff. It reminded me of something Mike McCready would have brought to the guy's in Pearl Jam to work. Good stuff!

nice and hard rock, vocal well done, guitars well played, sounds allot like classic hard rock from the 80's. ++

Really liked everything about this song, from intro to finish. Some of the best guitar work I've heard in a long time. Takes me back to a lot of the great work from Poison and Guns and Roses. But at the same time, it sounds very original and a great original idea both musically and lyrically.

I love this style of music, well put together and brillian instrumentation. If this hasn't been chosen for a movie sound track already then, it absolutely should be. It's something I would certainly buy and listen to regularly. Good work!

If you're looking for a rock song that totally celebrates self and individualism, this is it. "I make no apologies for being me" - the message comes through loud and clear with a memorable hook and decidedly passionate vocals. The song features an amazing lead guitarist. His riffs are pretty incredible and really add to the instrumental section of the song.

Like the wah-wah and the drum sound. Good breakdown too.

I love the up-tempo drums, and all the cool guitar leads and riffs - I think the vocals are great.

I love the high energy intro. Top notch percussion and bass. Excellent guitar work and the solo at 1.55 is very strong. I like those random guitar inflection too. The 'no apologies' lyric idea suits the song really well. I like the contrast between the verses and the chorus. Powerful vocal. I like the fact that the whole song is condensed into three and a half minutes of pure energy. Great sound quality.

Lyrics Rick Dean Smith Music Rick Dean Smith, Chris Kosanchuk, Hodges
Performance Rick Dean Smith, Chris Kosanchuk, Hodges
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