Not Dreaming

Story Behind The Song

This song is about a two people working on a relationship and being there for one another.

Song Description

This song is produced so that it is easy on the ears, it rocks, all parts are catchy and hook ridden.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, In High Spirits Subject Dreams
Similar Artists Foo Fighters, The Cars Language English
Era 2000 and later


You gave all that you could give and the well came up dry
Somehow you found the will to live, deep down inside
You live your life full of passion
I'll be there to catch you when you fall

My heart is beating for you-I'll be your shining light
My pain grows when your soul is broken
Give me your hand and I'll show you
No, No No, No your not dreaming

You put in time only to have your dreams taken away
Your heart is shining bright because you did what's right
Night and day I always believe you
One thousand love affairs run through your veins

Well done..Interesting change of mood at 2min and 34sec..and then back to the rock groove.. Nice vocals and instrumentation.

Artist come across thoroughly engaged ...attentive

Good work. First thing that comes to mind is Local H, HIM, Soul asylum, (early royal bliss) to name a few. great writing & composition. Lyrics are great. Guitar work is spot on. Keep up the good work. Great drums, the song is very well put-together. great hooks. "you gave all that you could give but the well came up dry". well thought out stuff.

Pretty good stuff guys! The guitar kicks ass, drums fit in well. And the vocals and lyrics fit perfect. I could see this being pretty successful in its own scene. The instruments really where very well done. Loved the octaves sweet drum rolls too. One of the best I've heard on this site, keep it up!

Very good sound. Great arrangement and instrumentation. Love both the guitar work and the drum work. Quite original. Could be three different titles that would work here. "My Heart's Beating For You" is one, but somewhat long and a little trite. I feel either "Shining Light" or "You're Not Dreaming" would be better choices.

Well done, hard hitting rock tune with strong instrumentation and interesting arrangement.

Good rockin tune! Love the break, toned down uitar I think I hear a keyboard? Nice. The song is really tight and smooth. Excellent guitar shredding. This is a great tune to submit for a movie soundtrack!! Excellent job.

Great instrumentals, song has potential

This is a power-filled rock love song...with elements of caring, healing, finding a way out of pain...a good theme, well-executed by a band that obviously has it together. Notably great are the various players who all have their moments to shine...guitar, keys, bass and the drummer keeps things going great as well. One thing I like about this rock song is that you can (insert cheering here) UNDERSTAND THE VOCALS. So many bands drown out the lead vocalist in the mix but somehow you guys avoided that pitfall. Thanks!

I really like the radical sounding rhythm guitar and also the cool lead guitar runs, very good up-tempo piece. The song reminds me of The Police.

i like the track, keep working, keep pushing

Like the way it starts and the dynamics from part to part. Cool guitar work and the vocal has a great vibe.

Polished stuff. Reminded me of a mix of stuff from Francis Dunnery to Work of Art. Great chorus! Nice arrangement which shows a proficient approach.

love the instruments great guitar and drums very good recording and mix nice work

This song is listed as pop/rock, I would say it is more rock. It has a strong hook and great dynamic drop during the verses. Great vocal and guitar counterpoint throughout the recording. I think this song would work in a film, as it has great momentum and power, and would propel a great montage or action sequence.

Let me start by saying I don't listen to this kind of music. I'm more of an R&B/ Smooth Jazz sort of guy. But I recognize talent when I hear it and this is one very talented group. I rather imagine they won't have time to read my review because they're probably out on tour hitting all the big stadiums. But if they're not it's just fluke or a darned shame because this band is top notch.

great music, vocals as well as the instrumentation.
As a guitar player I'm very impressed about the technique and sound!!
Very professional.
Good luck!!

Huge, Huge, Heavy Rock Sound, it's like a massive Earth Quake comin' at you full speed, hold on, it's gonna shake you to your core!! Really like the sound of the guitars, almost sounds like Van Hal**?? (Oh, thanks Broad Jam for not incorporating fact check capabilities in your review process, that's so not cool!!!) Anyway, back to the review, very cool memorable guitar Licks/Hooks and super fine Lead Vocal....this is HOT!!

First impression...great sound. Lovely guitars. Very strong musicianship all round. The lead vocalist is excellent and good use of backing vocals. Nice use of 'light and shade' in the song, which keeps the listener on board. Love the instrumental bridge at 2.40..shades of The Police there? Well recorded and mastered. A very catchy song with good commercial potential.

Not sure how long ago this song was recorded but it definitely took me back to the first time I heard Night Ranger. A little Damn Yankee's came to mind as well. The arraignment was put together nicely. The guitar work was good with a solid rhythm section holding it down. Good job!

love the start of this song some serious pickin goin on here! love the breakdown at 2:50----real nice!

nice ending too!

Lyrics Rick Dean Smith Music Rick Dean Smith
Producer Rick Dean Smith, James Cravero Publisher Rick Dean Smith
Performance Rick Dean Smith, Quentin Cooper -drums
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