Whitney's Farm Stand

Song Description

A lonely farmer describes a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger at his farm stand.

Song Length 3:40 Genre Folk - Country
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Whitney's Farm Stand
copyright 2003 Richard Popovic

I lie face down in the grass to ask it how it grows
I whisper to the soil trying to know what it knows
My hands are always dirty the nails all black and torn
My clothes are all beat up and patched, my face all lined and worn

You know I never noticed, or maybe I just didn?t care
Until I looked up from my patch and saw you standing there
A map in one smooth white hand, and lips as red as Mars
You said that you were new in town and you didn?t know these parts

I said my name is Whitney, I got the best stand in town
I know my business better than most anyone around
I can grow hot peppers in the winter and tomatoes in the spring
Give me a patch of earth and time, I can grow most anything

I sing to my seeds to help them germinate
And when they poke up through the ground I sing to celebrate
I sing to the skies for rain, I sing to the sun for warmth
My name is Whitney, I?m a man of the earth

I showed you where to go, plain as plain can be
You bought six ears of corn out of charity
I yelled out ?Come back soon? as you drove away
Leaving me alone with all the things I meant to say

copyright 2003 Richard Popovic
(603) 256-6366

Lyrics Richard Popovic Music Richard Popovic
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