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Richard Popovic is a singer/songwriter who keeps busy fronting Shilelagh Law, a New York based Irish-American Pub Band. Shilelagh Law has sold over 4,000 copies of their three self-produced albums and have received airplay on radio stations from New York to Alaska.
Richard leads the band with his lively stage presence and his heart-felt original compositions. A native of Yonkers, NY, Richard's songs embody the different locales in which he has lived and traveled: the heat of Virginia summers, the ancient vibe of old growth forests in Washington, and most recently the deep winters and joyous springs of New England. But no matter what its path and lineage may be, his music always seem to return to the urban blue-collar world into which he was born.
Songs of personal reflection with a pop sensibility and a heavy folk-Americana influence, Richard's music has the ability to instantly bring you back home, wherever that home may be.
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