The Devil Takes You Dancing

Song Length 3:35 Genre Folk - Country, Folk - Rural


The wagon was all loaded, the horses stamped their feet
The countryman looked worried as he prepared to leave
He turned to his daughter and grabbed her by the chin
And said if anyone comes knocking, don?t you let them in

For the Devil will have you dancing beneath this evil moon
He surely will bewitch you with a pretty tune
He?ll spin you ?till you?re senseless, he?ll leave you pale and cold
For when the devil takes you dancing, the devil takes your soul

Young Jenny watched the wagon disappear around the bend
She ran into the house and she locked herself in
She cleared away the dishes and she went about her chores
Then there came a knocking right on her front door

She peered out the window and took in a deep breath
For outside stood a man who had hair as black as death
His eyes they were a shining, his smile was angel white
He was dressed to go out dancing on this cold winter?s night

You have to go away sir, my father is not home
He laughed and said my dear, what better time to come
To speak with you of living, of right and wrong and sin
I?ve come to see you Jenny dear so won?t you let me in

She opened up the door a crack and looked him up and down
And surely she had never seen a more handsome man around
She ushered him inside and sat him by the fire
And said surely it won?t hurt to talk with him for an hour

The moon rose soft and swiftly in the dark western sky
And Jenny?s heels were flying so fast the flames did fly
They danced out in the stables, they danced out in the yard
They danced a thousand dances but young Jenny never tired

She smashed up all the dishes, tore her apron up into shreds
And rode off on a stallion with a scream to wake the dead
Left a note upon the table, the words all inky black
The devil?s took me dancing and I ain?t never coming back!

Lyrics Richard Popovic Music Richard Popovic
Producer Richard Popovic Performance Richard Popovic
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