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A son fondly remembers his father and realizes his dad's advice and teachings have guided him thorughout his life.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Folk - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


copyright 2003 Richard Popovic

This world is full of wisdom/Some of its plain as the day
Like a baby that crawls and red leaves in the Fall
There just ain?t no other way

But sometimes you need to listen/And sometimes you need to see
Cuz there?s diamonds and pearls not meant for the world
Made only for you and for me

My old man gave this to me
On the day that his Daddy died
He said sometimes you laugh and sometimes you cry
And sometimes you keep it inside

Now he never was a man much for music/Couldn?t carry a tune in a pail
But he?d get up and dance whenever he had the chance
And he?d laugh and he?d smile without fail

He?s heard me play and he?s heard me sing
Since I was barely waist high
He said Some folks they learn, and some folks they try
But son, you got it inside.

This world is full of wisdom/No matter the direction you turn
Look near, look far, look right where you are
And listen, and love, and learn

Whenever they tell me You?re just like your father
My smile stretches all the world wide
Cuz some look to the grave, and some look to be saved
But me, I just look inside

copyright 2003 Richard Popovic
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