The Pioneers (2015)

Song Length 3:46 Genre R & B - General
Similar Artists I don't listen to R & B, Dr. Dre

This song begins with orchestral arpeggios and brass stabs and is quite mellow, soon the overall mood quickens with the addition of the drums and rhythm instruments. This is a promising beginning of that which might be.

This is a great instrumental. It fits easily in the Electronica or instrumental R&B Categories. This song is Fun and still very emotionally evocative. It is enjoyable from start to finish. It's the type of song you'd hear at a club or party. It would get you out of your seat easily and keep you moving until the end. The musical phrases and programming are well executed . Great work...!!!

Music Snow, N.Jones Producer N.Jones
Performance Snow, N.Jones
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Cyndi Corkran Songs of Intrigue 3/22/2015
Cyndi Corkran My Top Songs 3/22/2015

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