Snow: Always loved, never forgotten (2019 Instrumental demo)

Story Behind The Song

This one goes out to all the mothers who had to have an abortion to know a better life...

Song Description

This one goes out to all the mothers who had to have an abortion to know a better life...

Song Length 4:55 Genre Electronic - Dance
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Heartbreaking, In High Spirits Subject Pain, Life
Era 2000 and later


Georgia recently passed some laws preventing abortion in their state.

We wanted to say something on that... so...

I've handed the keys over to Michael.

We've really trained each other over these last few years, but it's time I find my roll as producer, and allow the artist to thrive...

Michael took over the studio, with my permission of course, and came up with some incredible stuff today.

He's given us permission to sell it outright for 1.5k... 3k Usd for a ghost write buyout.

But was adamant about telling people it was a song about "surviving abortion."

He wanted me to tell all of the women who have had abortions out there "that they are not alone..."

And they are loved. There is hope moving forward... so much hope.

Their sacrifices to protect the greater good is not unnoticed... and they are all forgiven. So be calm child...Be calm... and fear not.

"You are forgiven."

No soul is admitted into "this" playground without approval on high... and sometimes? Approval is denied.

Fret not child... The meat sacks we call our bodies are just atoms, just mud, just potential... it was not loaded.

It did not contain a soul. The creator saw this... and did not allow pain to ever find a conscious mind.

Find light...

Find hope...

Forgive yourself.

Find a future worth fighting for. Find the future you were strong enough to protect.

All is forgiven.

You are forgiven...

Know God's love. Know... You are forgiven.


Music M.Snow Producer N.Jones
Performance M.Snow
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