New breed of hero (The Detective Ost)

Story Behind The Song

Jim Pfeifer handed me the stem files to his original production "Gator Alley" I took the guitar takes from the session, pitch shifted them two notes, and then edited them. From there I took elements of Ali Edwards saxophone takes, time expanded them modestly, and then pitch shifted them to match the guitars. I brought in my own library of sounds, effects, and loops from there. Engineered and produced in its final form here at Protilius.

Song Description

I'm consolidating stem files from several artist to create awesomeness. I want a Grammy one day. (Smiles.) If a Grammy isn't immediately available for me today, a Tv Show would be a good start on the road to one... Regardless, these collaborators have provided me with the tools I needed to execute a wonderful format. If all artist I work with are this awesome in the future... I expect that Grammy won't be too far away. The entire Ost just gets better and better. This time I managed to capture "less than perfect drunk cowboys existing inside a modern pop culture." Loveable... But not without faults.

Song Length 4:48 Genre Blues - General, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Charming, Cool Subject Hero, Justice
Similar Artists Thomas Newman, Trent Reznor Era 2000 and later

What a start!

Great mesh of instruments and sounds that sound like they're custom-made for a suspense or thriller movie or show.

I could hear a little jazz, a little country, and some hip hop in this piece.

absolutely love!!, great soundtrack music, could propel a variety of scenes, well played and beautiful use of sound.

Love the world influence to the blues vibe.

Music Jim Pfeifer, Ali Edwards, N.Jones Producer N.Jones
Performance Jim Pfeifer, Ali Edwards, N.Jones

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