Chocolate and lace (2018 Lounge Atmospheric)

Story Behind The Song

The original sin...

Song Length 4:34 Genre Electronic - Ambient
Similar Artists Groove Armada, BT

Another great production, always amazes me!!

Great tune. I love listening to music like this and reminds me a bit of Delerium or Enigma. 5*s from me!

everything was spent quite sometime creating those elements that glue very well together like the semi orchestrated lines/samples and the reverse guitars ect (with are back in now...awesome because I've waited 7 years for them to come back as i use them a lot) but yeah just a great multi dimensional track that can be great for even tension building even though it has sensual themes and even that "Twighlight" darkness without getting depressing...well done

Nice song all around very clean and well put together.

Music N.Jones Producer N.Jones
Publisher Protilius Productions Performance N.Jones
Label Protilius Productions
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