Song Description

soft & sweet romantic feel - soft horn as lead

Song Length 3:59 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Pop - Easy Listening

Really relaxing song!

There are times on BJ where I wish I hadn't hit the play button. Those times I often find another song to review because it simply takes so much effort to help such an artist. However, there are times when the sweet melodies and beautiful accompaniment of a true artist cause the listener to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the essence of the music. This song was definitely the latter of the two scenarios. I was enchanted (a term I don't use lightly) from the first notes all the way through. The mix was brilliant and the arrangement captivating. If I can buy this song I will for sure!

restful,dreamy,great horn work. nice arrangement.

"Maybe" by Penny Lea is an absolutely beautifully tranquil and timeless jazz trumpet piece that has immeasurable potential for licensing in media.

Music Penny Lea & Buzz Smith Producer Penny Lea
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