Nowhere To Go

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Funk, Rock - Classic
Language English


Who's that cool dude struttin' down the road?
He walkin' like he owns it, carryin' no load
He's light and he's fast, not a single care
And while you're at it, would you look at that hair?
Woah, woah

So you say to yourself unconvincingly
I'm not sure your self believes it any more than me
Cause the truth is something different, you feel it in your shoes
Where the soul hits the pavement and it's singin' the blues
Woah, Woah,


Seven o'clock in the mornin' you're walkin'
And at nine you're walkin' too
You keep movin' and movin' and movin' and movin'
But still you're standin' still
You gotta STOP
Before you realize that if you don't try somethin' new
You'll have nowhere to go, nowhere to go

Step off the belt for a minute now and review your point of view
Take a minute to compose yourself and ask yourself if that's really you
Is there more waiting this can't be all there is
What are the possibilities
A guy can grab the golden ring or waste his abilities


Lyrics Pat Haberl Music Pat Haberl
Producer Pat Haberl Publisher Pat Haberl
Performance Pat Haberl Label n/a
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