Last Laugh

Story Behind The Song

Boy thinks he's got it all figured out Boy sees girl Boy falls for Girl They live happily ever after

Song Length 3:38 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Delighted
Subject Love at First Sight, Falling in Love Language English


Last Laugh

I'm a red blooded guy, I like to play the field
I have just one rule, I've followed over the years
Never give to love, no matter how good it feels

The way I saw it, Love was the root of the thing
Never fall in love, never deal with that sting
So I told myself, here's what you gotta do
No matter the girl, just make sure this is true

Get the Last Laugh
You've gotta get the Last Laugh
Let them smile all they want but just make sure you get the Last Laugh

So this went on and I was doin' alright
With a different girl every Saturday night
But then I saw you, standing in a halo of light
I said "how do you do?", you said "good how about you"
I was sweatin' and talkin' like my mouth's full o' chew
And cool as a cuke, you say "what say we two?"
And as I looked her in the eye, I said to myself
Someone hand me that rule book up on the shelf
I need to get the Last Laugh
Yeah the Last Laugh

Well it was not my fault, there's nothin' I could do
The way that it works, it puts a spell over you
And so I had to admit, she had me hook, line and sinker
There was nothin' I could do, woah

She got the Last Laugh
Oh she got the Last Laugh

I was happy to give that laugh to her, now we're together
Her, me and the boy

We got the Last Laugh, we got the Last Laugh

Lyrics Pat Haberl Music Pat Haberl
Producer Pat Haberl Publisher Pat Haberl
Performance Pat Haberl, Andre Beaulieu, Gord Rogers

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