Out of Today

Story Behind The Song

the bridge actually explains their misery a bit better

Song Description

about 2 seperate girls who felt they were betrayed by life itself. No matter what they did, it was never satisfying. These 2 very short stories were the last days of each girl.

Song Length 2:50 Genre Rock - General


Tear drops fall across the pages- stained in futile rage she prays and prays the live long day for someone to take her away and when she finally sees her she can't believe her eyes! thevision she's been waiting for has finally come to life To take away all the pain - To take away all her pain! To take her Out Of Today! To take her to a better place I walked along the avenue and much to my surprise I saw her arm-stretched in the intersection blinded by on-coming lights. She saw me as I screamed out!! But smiled and looked away. And in her finest hour she did everything she claimed. She took away all her pain! 'cause pain just got in the way. She left us out in the rain. In a way she was saved!! Saved from being afraid and being alone Saved from failing herself and losing it all Saved from being rejected and pleasing no one But tell me "Are you without blame?" And "Don't cha feel the same tonight?"

Lyrics Anthony Russo Music AR & T.O.T.
Producer T.O.T. Performance T.O.T.
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