10 MG's

Story Behind The Song

A druggie trying to overcome though he really doesn't want to

Song Description

The song depicts many mood swings the patient is going through. And all his moods are accompanied by the music.

Song Length 4:08 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Psychedelic
Tempo Multiple Tempos


And all I really need is 10 mg's so I can rid myself of anxieties. Administer with poison hand. Become an after-thought like I planned But don't run away-- don't be afraid-- don't go away Sitting on my hands and I don't know where I am I'm still shakin' and I need to be relieved yet once again This force between 2 evils takes control and I'm consumed And it's ugly head is laughing at the man that I once knew Spots are bouncing off the off-white latex walls Got the bedroom spins but I'm in the hall Thoughts are clear in this dialated state Primal scream therapy unloads the weight (repeat b-verse and chorus) Everyone applauded me when I stood up to speak. The white walls of complexity-my subsidiary world. And everyone is screamin' from straight-jacket restraint. This isn't all they promised but it's only been a week! Since they put me in this institute I met a thousand people!! Wake up late tomorrow to a brighter day And the voices in my head have almost gone away No one hesitates to sing a lullaby. It's almost like I just can't wait to close my eyes!! Stop pokin' me! Stop proddin' me! Don't yell at me! I'm really trying!! (repeat 1st verse)

Lyrics Anthony Russo Music AR
Producer T.O.T. Performance T.O.T.
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