Once Upon A Life

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It's also including how past relationships have now become total strangers

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It's a very true caption of my demons I fight with sometimes. The song is about how life passes us by very quickly. It's about childhood's lost. It's about also how many special people in our lives pass on and how it may take a long time to come to grips with it and grieve more than you did before. Pretty morbid stuff!! lol

Song Length 5:02 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Psychedelic
Tempo Multiple Tempos


Once Upon A Life I was nothing but a boy. Too young to care too much and too old to play with toys. But oh, now I see all the things I used to be. So I cry another day, for my light has gone away And I realize that I am no exception to the rule As I wait in this empty room impatiently for you. So I'm... all too blue without you, half a man is all I am. Years go by in a blink of an eye. So I try to keep them closed so nothing dies!! So nothing dies!! I can't pretend unspoken fear is still concealed (I can't pretend, it's apparent, I'm transparent) I close my eyes in vain just to dream but this is real (I close them to myself, for what I see I cannot bare) And oh, when I dream I'm supposed to be asleep (and oh, no, but I'm not sleeping) But I can never tell, for my life's a living hell (it's just another nightmare, one more nightmare....) And I realize that I am all alone on mother earth And the emptiness in death is the same I felt at birth.. Once Upon A Life I lost my rights. I lost sanity's right to slow decline So what am I? A man on trial, a man so tired of being denied Goin' through-all I knew- but I'd have to get through it without you. Make amends, if and when, will I ever comprehend this??

Lyrics Anthony Russo Music AR & T.O.T.
Producer The Octogon Trycycle Performance The Octogon Trycycle
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