Story Behind The Song

It's not about being cheated on

Song Description

The verses are about a personal feeling I have about not having the last word when confronted with a break-up. The choruses are synonyms of Other circumstances or people being cheated out of something

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


Wont you save some for me.
Hey You !
Howd you end up like you did
Left me
Left all alone
Let me leave you
Cause Ive been cheated far to long
Youve won when right or wrong

Like a shadow looming low from an autumn moon
Like a friendly face arrives but it leaves too soon
Like a dog whos on his last leg and beaten
His best friend found someone new
Hes been cheated too.....

For half of nothing again
And I
Get to spit on no one again
But youre gone
And so is the rain
Cheated once again
.........once again you think you got me didnt ya..............

Like a day off from work but its way to cold
Like those kids with dreams but they gotta do what they've been told
Like a first love expresses her feelings Now "I love you's" getting old
its gettin old

now do what you re told

Im still not allowed
Im still not allowed
Im still not allowed

A piece of the pie!

Like a sunny day obscured by a thunder cloud
Like an angry mob's been told told to be a civil crowd
Like a heart thats grown bitter and jaded
its still beating on somehow

I know it now..........I Know it now..........I know it know

Lyrics Anthony Russo Music Anthony Russo & The Octogon Trycycle
Producer The Octogon Trycycle Performance The Octogon Trycycle
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