Carolina Roads

Story Behind The Song

This is my first attempt at, what most people call, beat writing. I wrote this using the sound set that came with my rendering software. Normally I would write manuscript in Avid Sibelius, and then render it with virtual instruments. This time, I wanted to take a walk on the wild side. This is the first of more to come.

Song Description

Carolina Roads is a relaxing little mellow rock song, that I wrote out of boredom. I was very surprised at how it began to form.

Song Length 4:26 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Still, Relaxed Subject Loneliness, Existence
Similar Artists The Eagles, Elton John Era 2000 and later


There are no lyrics to this song

This is the kind of song if you had a bad day at work!!
You should listen to it, The song makes me feel good and relaxed. Its a great song my best wishes to the composer!

this music is great and relaxing i could wright to this.Good job.

The song doesn't go anywhere. It sounds like a backup track. It has nice changes but you need to put a distinct melody line to it. I hope you don't take this as a negative criticism. I believe if you rework it, it can be very good. remember this is just my feeling. Good Luck!

great job, nice relaxing vibe, love the interplay between guitar and piano with great supporting percussion.

Nice track. I like it, stays true to what it is

Wonderful melody and instrumentation layering . Very easy to listen to with potential of accompanying lyrics .

moments in this song were great and mixed so nicely others sounded like you were playing two or 3 different songs at once and you loose the listener. there are some dis chords that I know you threw in for artistic expression but I didn't work... 75% great.. also there were times the timing of the guitar was off need to tighten up.

Love the piano intro, I'm a sucker for a good A very pretty melody line, love the sound you got on all the instrumentation. This piece really moves very nicely through it's changes... I'm really loving this song.

A beauty! Keep on at it.

nice instrumental could really use some lrics

A little reminiscent of an Eagles song. Pretty nicely mixed. Each instrument sat well in its own pocket. The only negative I have is the bass (see below).

Has a little element of Elton John in the Piano playing. A really good musician who has created a strong melodic instrumental.

this is a fantastic instrumental. Soothing and melodic well done!

nice feel great tight playing and very good recording.

Nice feel Liked the progression

Music Edgar M Wise Producer Edgar M Wise
Publisher EMACINWI Music Inc
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