Story Behind The Song

One night as I sat alone reflecting, I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to freely associate. It was then that I heard the chords. I began composing, and watched the selection develop into what it is now. Only problem was I did not have a name for the selection. In having a random conversation with my son, he said to me "I am sure you will think of something, perhaps Reflections or something". You know, two heads are truly better than one. Thanks Son.

Song Description

Reflections is a Neo-classical selection using a Piano, Bass Guitar, and a String Quartet. It is a light and airy end of the day escape from reality. The minor tonality is truly relaxing.

Song Length 4:58 Genre Classical - Contemporary, New Age - Contemporary
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Relaxed, Blissful Subject General, Peace
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

nice flow, mid good, interesting bass playing

The feeling of a parent, who is remembering the child in question, who's having a bad time in life, both the child's life, but also trying to help the child through a great difficulty.

nice sound and production.... very mellow and pleasing good choice of tones and chords

Piano is smooth, soothing and beautiful.Drums mix well. There is so many wonderful uses for this type of background music. Its just awesome!

nice tune....enjoyed it....not much from me

This is a fine basis for a piece, however, the track needs much more dynamics and nuance to convey the emotion - some of this is due to the fact that it is programmed. The track would benefit from a clear melody and perhaps a more engaging rhythm part on the drums. It is well put together, and I think good sounds and samples would really benefit it.

nice piano work, some good ideas conceptually, but i'd consider making this a piano only piece, the backing samples hurt this IMO. see other comments.

very nice classical piece , piano led with a nice melody .
has lot of sad emotion and lifts in spirit as it progresses
would sound good uploud to fully appreciate the level of emotion
within the piece

nicely done, timing mix all good

sounds new age to me not hearing classical sounds still would fit a scene soundtrack

Nice relaxing and melodic

Sounds like a great idea for a video game or anime end credits. Reminds me of Final Fantasy. Very anime-ish / Asian sounding. Nice job and can go far in the video game sync or anime sync world if you can get it done live outside of the box or use some better samples and get a better mix & master. Overall, I like the score, but it sounds like it was all done by one person on their computer.

This song had a very intimate and romantic feel to it, and you created a vivid mood with the arrangement. I could picture a romantic scene of a couple walking hand in hand together.

Love it! Keep up the great work! This instrumental could work in several different situations, moods, etc. Great Job! Has a nice build up as well and not too distracting but very relaxing at the same time.

good violin parts and piano melody

This seems to be more of an easy listening piece. You worked really hard on it, I am sure. It has a very peaceful feel to it. I don't know why, I just pictured this nun walking down a garden pathway away from everyone. Hard to give titles to instrumental pieces.

Nice instrumental. Could have movie synch possibilities perhaps.

nice melody and composition


A petty piece and a nice melody.

Love the strings...

Makes me want to write some lyrics, so it also inspires...

Nicely done and thank you.

Interesting Piano hook but it gets old after a while

I like the mood of the song. It has a soothing feel to it. I imagined hearing it in a movie where someone (probably the hero of the story) is traveling and trying to get to an important destination.

Great instrumentation

Very nice arrangement. Keep up your good work.

Keep up the work

Music Edgar Wise Producer Edgar Wise

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