Quantum of Jazz

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Played entirely on my Korg Trinity synth. This is an instrumental that started from a Bond type riff and grew from there. I found some obscure 6 note chords that I liked and built it up from there. My piano solos were never my strong point, so the piano lead is poorly played by professional standards. Aiming to make it mean and moody. I love the sound of a 5 or 6 string bass but only play a 4 string - hence the use of the synth of this track for the bass part (nice and l-o-w!). My enjoyment of some 80's Stock Aitken & Waterman tunes comes out in the middle 8 - the bells and chord combination would not be amiss in one of their old tunes!

Song Length 4:24 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Subject Evolution, Courage
Similar Artists Herbie Hancock

great performances across the board. I hear some 007 influence in there. I'm sure there are lots of placements in the future for this track. Nice work.

I like the way the songs starts; it could be a soundtrack piece. The overall vibe is cool, especially the nod to James Bond in the string lines.

Sounds ok but uninteresting

Interesting, mysterious opening patches. An almost sort of menacing, portentous theme runs through this work, somewhat reminiscent of a popular spy movie series. Bass and drums are strong. Sparing piano fills are nice, effective. Nicely done overall. Artist knows what he is doing.

Nice vibe, love the fretless bass, for that matter, the drummer, piano player

Hey, this has a very nice sound. I love the laid back feel. Drums sound very good, loud in the mix. Also, the bass is loud in the mix. Both drums and bass need to be heard and this mix accomplishes this very nicely. Good transitions between the different movements of the piece. Musicianship is top notch, everything is played very well!

Good piano, strings, nice chord sequence, needs built on

THis is a really cool piece......the pulsing nature is like the heart beat of the song! Love the way the instruments play off each other. It is very catchy and easy to grab on to. THe arrangement/production sound top shelf to me. The 007 part in the other section fits so well with the other part. Wonderfully put together!!

Beautiful ethereal modern jazz arrangement. Film Noir Secret agent horns creep in. Very cool.

I love this one right out of the gate, the drums have a great sound and the keyboards and bass guitar just sound so good and so tight - the music has a driving kind of quality which I love. Very hypnotic in parts but overall just a great tune.

Excellent theme. To compose a good melody you don¨t have to play 50 notes in one second. The melody in this one is calm, well constructed, with bass guitar filling perfect, there is variety on piano as well as bass, with percussion keeping the beat. congratulations.

Bravo , totally enjoyed listening to this piece of music... the sounds you used are very effective...dug the arrangement as well...

I like the groove and texture overall, as well as the instrumentation in general. The piano melody and solo are appropriate for this genre. I also like the bass and drum sound once they establish the groove.

Love when that bassline comes in. Would have preferred an actual bass as opposed to an synth, but it still sounds awesome. Very nice recording and production. This is well suited for a film production. Everything flows well, and the piano tone sounds very good. Nice instrumentation!

Very cool smooth groove. Piano is the star for sure, love it! Beautiful chord selection. Changes are nice and refreshing. Also the dramatic breakdown(s) are very cool as well. Loved the drum tease in the intro. Bridge is sick! Very tasty transitions between the different sections of the arrangement. Love the snap of the snare. This could definitely be on an instrumental cd immediately! Nice work!


Large and yet smooth. Nice background sound. Enjoyed the piano most of all.

Great Job. This a great relaxing piece. Love the feel of it, and you did a great job with the instrumentation.

Music Nigel Barrett Producer Nigel Barrett
Performance Nigel Barrett
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