Holy River

Song Description

I wrote this song first from the strings, then piano, then vocals. I did not know the subject until it came out. Seems to be is about Birth, or Rebirth. This is one of those songs that comes unbidden.

Song Length 3:51 Genre New Age - Religious, Classical - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Tranquil Subject Infinity, Existence
Similar Artists None Era 2000 and later



Holy river
Flowing down to
Flowing down to
To the Holy sea
Holy river
Ever changing
For forever
For eternity

If you bathe within her waters
You may find yourself washed clean
If you love her, then forgive her
Let your love set you both free


Rise you up from
The deep waters
On the shore awaits
A brand new day
Though you know you
Want no other
Still you just might find it's time
To find your way


May some other mother's daughter
Come to find you
Help you find your way

Holy river
Flowing out to
Flowing out to
To the Holy sea

Holy river
Keep on flowing
Until you find your peace

© Nick Fuse 3/22/2018

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