Story Songs: White Bird of Peace (featuring Theo King)

Song Description

Theo King is one of the most Artist Musicians on Broadjam, but not appreciated as he should be. While I wrote this song (or I should say it was given by the White Bird of Peace) I needed a Bother Native American to pull it off. Theo is a great inspiration and musician.

Song Length 4:06 Genre New Age - Tribal, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Distressed, Disturbed Subject Existence, Birds
Language English Era 2000 and later



White Bird of Peace
Where you been gone? (3X)

Black Bird
You don't want to know

I been away out to the East
The Middle part, where they praise the Beast
The fires burn, but there is no light
And in men's souls, it's as dark as night

White Bird of Peace
Why'd you not take me?
For what you teach
Maybe set them free
There is no difference
Between you and me
Except our feathers and our crows

Black Bird of Peace
Where you have gone
Black Bird of Peace
Where you've been gone

CHORUS: Together

Let us fly to the highest peak
Let us raise up the mighty sea
Wash this world clean of humanity
For then all Evil will be done


White Bird of Peace
Let us take to wing
And fly us back to
The King of Kings
Bright Him on back
End this suffering

Black Bird, I'm with you
Let us fly

© Nick Fuse 4.14.2015

Lyrics Nick Fuse Music Theo King
Producer King/Fuse Publisher fuse
Performance Theo King/Nick Fuse
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