No Words (8-14 y.o. kids)

Song Description

Reflections of children after their parents? divorce

Song Length 1:40 Genre R & B - General, Unique - Children
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Moving Subject Divorce
Language English Era 2000 and later



Music: Paul Sedkowski
Lyrics: Laura Marie Krier, Paul Sedkowski
Arrangement/Instrumentation: Paul Sedkowski
Artist: BeachTown (10 Children from 7 to 14 years old)
Theme: Reflections of children after their parents? divorce
Time: 1?40
Style: Pop / Children?s

I have no words
To say - what you mean to me
No words
Although I?d say it willingly
There are days when the world all around me seems wrong
There are times when I just can?t go on (Oooh?)
I have no words

I have no words
To describe just the way I feel
(No words)
Guess I still can?t believe this is real
Though I try to pretend ? but I can?t understand (Oooh?)
And I wonder if you?re still my friend (Oooh?)
(I have no words)

I have no words to say
No thoughts to give
To tell ya how I?m feeling
(Tell you how)
I have no way to change
Your mind today
Still I keep believing
(Keep believing)

That although we don?t live in the same place no more
I believe in the future and what it has in store (Aaah?)
I have no words

Lyrics Laura Krier, Paul Sedkowski Music Paul Sedkowski
Producer Paul Sedkowski Publisher Mere Music International
Performance BeachTown Label Mere Music International
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