Nigerian R&B/Soul/Pop solo artist backed by one of the most talented music producers in Havana, Cuba with Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera as major influences. Vain works on the lyrics of the songs as well as the melodies, vocals & vocal harmonies while Berejano Frank does justice to the music and production. Currently studying Medicine on scholarship in Cuba I'm working with Frank to release a demo possibly this summer.
I feel the name Vain The Artiste name speaks for itself. Like most people, I have a certain degree of insecurity and being vain is how I handle it. Lets just say it boosts my self-esteem although on a few occasions it's gotten me into problems ;)
I'm interested in almost all aspects of the Arts. From novels to runways to the big screen. In my past time, I love surfing the net , singing & songwriting, listening to music, reading novels and magazines, watching movies & TV and of course sleeping.
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