Leading The Pack

Song Length 2:51 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later



I didn't see but felt the wound
that dropped me to my knees
Betrayal by a brother
It cuts too deep

I'll track you down to ease my pain
A hunter and his prey
And I won't stop this tracking
til I've taken out this ache

Throw me to the wolves
I'll come back two-fold
I'll be the silent soldier
to bring down my foe
Waiting in the shadows
I'll take my bond back
Throw me to the wolves
I'll return leading the pack

Treason needs a heavy sword
to drive out the enemy
I'll cut the lie from your heart
and watch it slowly bleed

Today I've fallen, tomorrow I'll rise
My blood and sweat will seep
into God's green earth
The Lord will strengthen me


As I step from the darkness
you may not recognize me
I put back my pieces differently


Throw me to the wolves
I'll return leading the pack

Lyrics Marilyn Oakley Music Carlene Wentworth - melody
Publisher Marilyn Oakley/Carlene Wentworth Performance Matt Dame - Vocals
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