Marilyn Oakley

Marilyn Oakley


Song Length 3:19 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later



I still hug your flannel shirt
breathe in the scent of you
Another Sunday gone
My tears on your navy suit

The spaces between my fingers
where yours fit perfectly
Heaven's hand holds mine
and took yours tenderly

I wish that we were still a we
I wish it was still you and me
I know sometimes God has other plans
And each day is closer to holding you again
Will forever always feel like this
Will a day go by where I don't wish

I still set two places
at the kitchen table
and even though you are gone
I still am grateful

The space here inside my heart
where yours fits perfectly
My love goes with you
and your love stays with me, but


Grief is like an ocean
Sometimes it's calm
Sometimes it's overflowing


© Marilyn Oakley/Carlene McDearis Wentworth

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