Marilyn Oakley

Marilyn Oakley


Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - General, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Gloomy Subject Sorrow, Lost Love
Similar Artists Miranda Lambert Language English
Era 2000 and later


©Marilyn Oakley

It was the eve before our weddin' took place
60 seconds 'fore the clock struck a new day
Got a call from my soon to be sister-in-law
Said Charlie's had a wreck, doesn't look good at all

My heart felt like it hit the ocean floor
Could barely breathe when I ran out the door
Yelled this cannot be happenin'
Please let this be a bad dream I'm in

Darkness around me and my heart
The time stamp ... left a scar

It was 11:59
when my world turned the color of the midnight sky
Four numbers branded forever in my mind
When the call came at -
... 11:59

They had to sit me in a wheelchair
When I spotted his sister's vacant stare
They pushed me into a room where he lay
All I lived for gone in a minute yesterday

My body trembled I wasn't ready for this
My heart numb as I gave him a final kiss
There was my baby on the day we're to wed
Might as well be me, cause I sure felt dead

Wasn't ready to say good-bye
The whole county ... heard my cries

Chorus: Repeat

Coming here to visit your grave -
I know that you're gone and I'm doing my best,
6 feet down is where my love will stay
And when I'll take my final breath ...
59 minutes past eleven will be put to rest

Chorus: Repeat

You had a nice introduction very bluesy. You had some great guitar riffs that reminded me more of blues rather than country. The lyrics were well written.

Great hook. This song have great potential. Nice lyrics.

i really dig this song. 1 played it three times! its a little dark but the story carries it. love the lead voice, great band sound too. i love the rocked up melody, makes the song more rock than country to me. the lyrics are tight with some very awesome lines! the story is set up beautifully and delivered in a way anyone could understand the hurt. best song i've listened to in a while, for sure!

I like the guitar and the tone choice. Great vocals. Sad song, tone of the song fits. Excellent hook. I can hear this song on the radio! Perfect song length. Reminds me of The Band Perry. Good luck with it!

Lyrics Marilyn Oakley Music Marilyn Oakley
Producer Pearl Snap Studio Publisher M Oakley
Performance hired vocalist singer
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