If I Had The Time Kmix7

Song Length 4:12 Genre Country - Americana

This is another fine example of your natural talent in the areas of storytelling, melody, and production blending together to produce a memorable, maybe even signature sound.

Instrumentation is good, voice solid, nice intro and fiddle lines. Well produced country tune.

"If I Had The Time" is a genuine, heartfelt song, sensitively delivered by the warm and believable voice of Matt Taylor. The subject matter has that universal appeal that makes every listener want to listen: who hasn't yearned for the day, or even just a day, when we could all have a little more time to do the things we really want to do? That idea is effectively woven into the tag line of the A section--making for that sweet marriage of main idea with hook and title. With an authentic, country/folk/Americana backing track and beautiful, organic instrumentation, this one is right in the singer-songwriter's pocket and Matt sells it beautifully.

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