The Legend Of Mama Della Coreys

Story Behind The Song

A real person in Sharon's youth, while growing up in Corpus Christi Texas, a senior Hotty! Had several gentlemen suitors....Oooo La La

Song Description

Sharon thought this woman was quite colorful and needed a poem written in her honor........years later, I put music to the lyrics.......

Song Length 3:46 Genre Blues - General, Folk - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Fun
Similar Artists ? Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Legend Of Mama Della

Words & Music By Art, Alton & Sharon Corey Copyright 1999 Nov. (c)

I just wanna see that lady again
Mama Della and her good-time friends
High steppin' woman with sea salty hair
If the road was hot, she'd walk on air......

1st Verse
Herb was the best old friend she had
Comin' 'round when the weather was bad
Knew he could always count on a buck
And a place to park his ice cream truck....

2nd Verse
Clayton McDevitt was a domino-shark
Shuffleboard wizard of the shore-line park
Came uptown on sticky June nights
Waitin' for Della, Oooo to douse them lights

I just love-ta see her face once more
Mama Della dancin' out her door
Shakin' it up causin' such a stir
Spirit of life is movin' her.........

3rd Verse
Went back by her place last night
Saw the light shin' might bright
Shapes movin' past the bay window
With a Ragtime song on the radio....

There were others, but they don't matter
Extra drippin's for the cornbread batter
Up all night, party so late
Leave next mornin' by her back fence gate..........

Liked the guitar and really all the instruments. The vocals were different but good.

Yikes! What fun to listen to! Solid performance.from start to finish.

LOOK OUT FOR MAMA DELLA! Great work and the violin and slide guitar break my heart.

Sweet sweet song you got there

You had me from the first note. I loved the vocals,guitar and fiddle. Great story telling. Did you like specific instrumental parts--vocals and guitar
1) Does my intro make you want to hear the song? yes 2) Does my opening line draw you in and make you want to hear more? yes 3) Is my melody interesting? yes 4) Does my melody get stuck in your head? yes 5) Does my chorus stand out and take the song to a higher place? yes.

Here's some really great lyric writing, coupled with a melody that perfectly suits the message and mood of the song. I felt like it transported me right to New Orleans. I could picture her house, the ice cream truck, corn bread drippings. Great word pictures. Love the walk up to the chorus and fiddle licks. Fantastic storytelling. Great delivery. Fun images. Unforgettable.

Nice throwback to a western swing time via a Lyle Lovette-like vocal. I still appreciate Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel and the Large Band! Thanks!

love it , has such an old time feel, really captures a nostalgic mood and all the performances are great, recording done well, seems like it could be used easy

Music needs a different arrangement

all in all a sweet tune with excellent instrumentation

Really nice vibe going on here. Love the violin strings and country feel with steel guitar. I like the vocals being panned also, harmonies on right and lead mostly on the left. Great potential for a movie soundtrack or tv show, or a commercial... lots of possibilities!

very infectious western swing with a little country blues thrown in for good measure. Great instrumentation with a well thought out arrangement , shades of Dan Hicks ... very nice.

Kind of an old country swing tune, nice. Some nice playing on this one!

You "guys" really know what you're doing. The instrumentals were outstanding. Very tasteful guitars any violin embellishments. Your instrumental to instrumental to vocal mixes were great. I would like to hear you perform live. Your tempo breaks after approximately 2:10, broke up the song nicely.

Lyrics Sharon Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey, M. Rifkin Performance Art Corey & M. Rifkin
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