Swipe Right The Corey's/ Alexandra NEW VERSION

Story Behind The Song

Dating on the internet can be very difficult...

Song Description

The Dating scene can be extremely difficult these days.......

Song Length 3:00 Genre Electronic - Dance, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Had A Lot Of Loves" Margie & Art Corey/BMI
(Swipe Right) Copyright 2018 (C)

1st Verse

I've had a lot of Lovers, Good & Bad
Haven't found the right one, feels so sad
I've got to swipe right, I'm runnin' out of time....
I've had a lot of Lovers, it's almost a crime.......


2nd Verse
Now some of those Lovers, just want to fight
Some of those Lovers want to party all night!
Some people talk, way too much
And some of them are so out of touch...

Ooooo, Ooooo, Ooooo...........

Who are you taken home to night??
Cause I hope you're not a Player, this feels so right!
I'm tired of searchin', it's over I'm through
If you're ready for me, I'm so ready for you!!

3rd Verse
Now, looks and feels like love to me
Guess we'll have to wait and see
We may not have....a happy ever ending
But I really do love, the message you're sending

Re-peat Chorus...........

Good track for TV shows! Very resonates with the requested topics. Pleasant voice, unobtrusive instrumentation! Relaxes.

I want to dance wait my feet are....

Sparkling sound! I like the lead flute very much! It really sounds in the song style! Nice voice and melody, and relative vocal counterpoint!

*A top-notch production - great structure, great instrumentation, great arrangement!!
*I particularly like the funky groove to this track - well done!

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey/J. Carlos/J. Peterson Performance Alexandra Pure Vocals/J. Carlos Guitars /J. Peterson Sax
Label Hmmmmmmmmm?? What Label???
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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